Playing the NetEnt slot is gaining popularity across the globe. The main reason is that all its slots are simple to play and easy to win big. Visit 1netentcasino and enjoy NetEnt slots.

Best Place To Play and Win

If you are new to NetEnt, make sure you visit . You are guaranteed to receive free spins every time you wager in their sites. The most popular slots here are Blackjack and Roulette.

How to win at Netent online slots?

Having an advantage over the house is a dream of every slot player. Here, we will provide you with materials, tricks techniques and recommendations so that you improve your winning chances in any NetEnt slot.

Understanding The Game Software

Before you can start playing, it is good to master the hidden software data and features. It will enable you to have an advantage over other players. Here are steps to help you.

  • As a player, you should understand how the softwar classfies you.
  • Understand the hidden parameters in the game.
  • Try and find if there is any bug in the slot.

Balancing Your Cash

Only a few players know that balancing cash in their slot account has a vital meaning. Having bellow 100 bets in your account lowers the chances of winning. Optimum balance is between 100 to 200 bets.

At a time, the casino will be giving bonus cash while maintaining excellent wagering cash. If you had a good balancee in your account, you can take this chance and maximise your winnings.

Classification of players by software

Depending on the game style, different players are classified differently. Players who make large deposits and wager a small bet have high chances of wining. The software classfies players acouding to their wins or losses.

Wagering and bonuses

Smart players use bonuses with a low wagering amount. It enables them to have a house allowance of 1.5% more than others. You also need to choose a slot with rtp of 97.5% and above.

  • RTP
  • House Edge
  • Bonus
  • Wagering Amount

Selecting a slot in the demo mode

For you to have a higher chance of wining a NetEnt slot, maximise the understanding of their demo version. You will understand the game behavior and also chose the right slot for your bettings.

High volatility Netent slots

High volatile slots simply mean that their winning chances are low. However, you are capable of making a huge win. You should have both faith and competence when you chose high volatile slots.

Selecting a slot type

In NetEnt you are guaranteed to get a variety of slots. It is your duty to choose the one which favours you. Different slots have different attributes which enables a player to either win or lose.

For example, you will find some slots having more than one smart strategy. Selecting your favourite slot will enable you to master strategies and have a house edge reduced to your favour.

Where To Play

You are likely to find games from NetEnt studio in different casinos. Those houses are designed to make money. It is always good to have a good understanding of a casino before you place your bet.

For example, you might give you extra bonuses but the terms and conditions are unfavourable. It is also hard to find casinos offering high RTP slots (above 98%) since they fear to make a loss.

  • Understand terms and coditions
  • Look for good RTP
  • Good Customer Support

When fiding a casino of your dreams, it is good to test the competency of their customer support. A good support system should provide you with instance feedback and variety of ways to coduct them.



NetEnt casinos are popular becase they have a potential of wining big. It is brought by existence of low to medium volatility casinos. You will also find some slots having an RTP of 98% or higher.

However, winning a handsome amount in NetEnt casinos is not a walk in the park. We have seen different ways and strategies you can use to have a hedge over the casino house.

All of them are practical and easy to master. It is good to try them all and then pick the one which favours you the most. By so doing, you will enjoy playing NetEnt slots.